Three Notes on Solidarity; or, In Want of a Requiem

Out of Nowhere

John Murillo III


First: I want to link here, to a post on my tumblr about my (@writedarkmatter) involvement with the blackening of the #BlackPowerYellowPeril hashtag that appeared and trended on twitter a few days ago. It’s an exchange between myself and @newblackschool about the experience of and take-away from the vitriolic antiblackness expressed and defended by many, but not all, Asian Americans also involved in the hashtag. For the full content of what I’m doing here, please read this first, then return to this piece and proceed: Reflections on #BlackPowerYellowPeril.

For additional information, find myself (again, @writedarkmatter), @newblackschool, @nubluez_nick, among others, on twitter to witness precisely what’s being reflected upon in the tumblr post. It’s worth the investigation; trust me.


Second, a comment posted in response to a “response” to Nicholas Brady’s most recent post here, “The Void Speaks Back.” Some background.

A well-known professor who theorizes…

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